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BIKELECING SL and its trade mark BKL were set up in July 2013 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and assembling a new line of electric vehicles for different types of sectors. Nowadays, more than 400 tricycles are operating in Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, changing the production model in areas such as road cleaning, logistic distribution, tourism and transport in large industrial areas.
In an increasingly demanding market, BIKELECING also provides a high level of engineering knowledge in order to make the projects and challenges forwarded to us a reality by helping them and providing differential values. Our mission is to get the best solution for our customers and, together with them, stand out in an extremely competitive market.

Nuestro servicios


The BKL CUSTOM product line came about due to the constant demand of our customers looking for a solution to a specific requirement. BIKELECING, as an engineering and manufacturing company, offers its clients the possibility of undertaking a unique project adapted 100% to their needs.
There are no limits. A group of engineers and designers work day by day together with our customers to go from an empty page to a new solution. During the course of this type of project the client participates actively in the conceptual design of the vehicle, with the final result being a part of himself


BKL Factory is the third section of BIKELECING. If you have your own brand and ideas, we can manufacture them. This section is divided into several branches that include the following services, among others:
- The design and manufacture of prototypes
- The design and manufacture of products
- Consultancy services to the production management.
Now you are the owner of your own products and ideas. We will work together with you to make your project a success.. With more than 10 years of experience, the fruits of our work gained in other organizations and the journey travelled so far with BIKELECING, we make all our KNOW-HOW available to help you carry out your project.

Pol. Ind. San Nicolás, Calle siete,Nave 18-20 ,
C.P. 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira, SEVILLA

Tlf. 955 434 554
Tlf. 681 601 144 (Sales)

Tlf. 955 434 554
Tlf. 681 601 144 (Sales)



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